Initial Research

To understand the intricacies behind the relationship of economics, globalization, and trafficking that we are trying to explore we first must understand what these individual entities are.

For the first week, I decided to research what countries are the most affected by human trafficking so that I could look at the treaties those countries are involved in. The first treaty I researched about was Trafficking Victims Protection Act.

  • created by the U.S. Department of State to combat and educate people and governments about human trafficking
  • monitors human trafficking on a global scale, and provides more resources to combat human trafficking at all levels
  • requires the U.S. government to not engage in any contracts with those countries which are found in significant violation of the TVPA
  • Tier 1 country: must be in compliance with the minimum standards of the of the TVPA, with evidence of their compliance readily available
  • Tier 2 country: countries that are not yet fulfilling their obligations for the minimum TVPA standards, but are actively trying to get there
    • “Watch List” : countries that claim they are trying to comply with the TVPA standards, but the evidence seen within their countries is to the contrary
  • Tier 3 country: governments do not, and have not, made any significant attempts to comply with the TVPA

Some of the countries that are in Tier 3: South Sudan, Yemen, Russia, Mali

I am currently researching more in depth about this treaty and trying to see if the United States holds these countries accountable and how effective this treaty is in the prevention of trafficking.

Additionally, after reading through more articles and research on human trafficking I have decided to focus my research on Southeast Asia due to the large number of victims from that region. Next week I will pinpoint some treaties that involve countries from this region and see how effective they have been in the prevention of trafficking.



2 thoughts on “Initial Research

    • Some Tier 1 countries include Australia, Austria, Canada, and France and some Tier 2 Countries are India, Indonesia, and Jordan. Due to the lack of numbers and data in this industry it is hard to quantify exactly how much better they are. However, most of the background research done shows that Tier 1 is relatively better than Tier 2 and Tier 3. It’s important to remember that the tier separation is less to do with the amount of trafficking and more with action taken by a respective country’s government.


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