Fixing Mistakes

Hi and welcome back! I’ve spent a lot of this week revisiting my globalization scale and finding ways to improve it. Something that has been bothering me about my old globalization scale is that it doesn’t take into the obvious fact that larger countries will have a greater number of exports and imports. For example India had $356,704,792,110 in imports while Bangladesh only had $48,058,710,040 in imports. This may have caused India to look a lot more globalized whereas this could simply be due to the fact that India has to import more goods to support its large population. Therefore my first change was using imports and exports as a percentage of GDP instead of the monetary value.

The second change to my new globalization scale will me made due to the difficulty in finding data. I reached out to my external advisor, Irfan Nooruddin, to see if he had access to databases that would help me find the data I needed. He connected me with Professor Vanessa Bouche at Texas Christian University who provided me with several databases that organize trafficking data. Unfortunately most of the data was a split up by region and not by country and the little data detailing what countries victims around the old came from had very little data about South Asian countries other than Afghanistan.

There is almost no data discussing how many human trafficking victims around the world originate from South Asia and categorize the data by country. Therefore it is extremely difficult for me to compare the number of victims that come out of each country and do a correlational analysis. Instead I am looking at the amount of victims that are currently being exploited in South Asia and breaking it up by country. Because I am looking at the flow of victims coming into the country I need to weigh the imports as a percentage of GDP higher than exports as a percentage of GDP. I will finish the new globalized scale next week and hope to perform the correlational analysis and have it ready for you all.

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