What next?

Welcome back everyone! I started off this week by trying to learn more about current data collection methods for human trafficking. The first major issue I noticed was the lack of an agreed upon definition between countries, something also outlined in the UN report I read while doing my literature review. For instance, countries that define human trafficking as to only include sex trafficking don’t collect data on the other types on exploitation which are still considered human trafficking. Another reason for why there is such little data on victims of human trafficking is because of fear. Victims are afraid that they will face retaliation by traffickers or may even be deported if they were illegally brought into the country. The lack of protection for victims of human trafficking, especially in South Asia, make it less likely that victims will turn to their government and may even lead to victims being re- trafficked after escaping.

I also did a lot more research on the countries I looked at and compiled their progress and problems:

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Next week I hope to specifically look into how these 4 countries collect data and gain more insight into the region’s economy. I will be paying closer attention to Nepal which proved to be an outlier while I was doing the correlation study. Since the senior project comes to an end next week, I have been working on my research paper and can’t wait to share with you all, with more detail, what I’ve learn and found. See you next week 🙂

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